This could have been a phishing site!

Your friends at Rendition Infosec (@RenditionSec) specialize in breach response and digital forensics. We want to remind you to be conscious about what you click on and to carefully check the spelling of any websites you manually type in the browser address bar.

But is it really your fault you ended up here?

Probably not. When a major breach announcement is made (like, for instance, one impacting hundreds of millions of people), it's considered best practice to buy lookalike and typo-squat domains so your users who have already been victimized once aren't victimized again. Obviously that didn't happen here, so your friends at Rendition Infosec bought and so evil attackers and scammers couldn't. The domain is also under the control of good people (just not us).

Merger and Acquisition Security

Any time two organizations merge, their IT assets must also be merged in a secure manner. The breach that led you here almost certainly involves some elements of cybersecurity risk inherited during an M&A.

But what if one of the organizations undergoing M&A is already compromised?

This is a very real possibility and one you should be ready to deal with. Due diligence during M&A isn't just about checking the books, cybersecurity risk has to be considered too. After all, you're not only assuming ownership of an organization's assets, you're assuming ownership of all the risk too.

Rendition Infosec has provided numerous M&A cybersecurity assessments for clients of all sizes. Email or call our 24 hour Breach Response Hotline (+1-888-409-5811) today to discuss how we can help you with M&A risk evaluation, Red Team Assessments, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, or Cyber Security Training.